QuickSort Algorithm in Javascript

So I was reading algorithms and was working on implementation of quick-sort in javascript, since this the language I’m totally love in. This is a great algorithm for sorting compared to insertion sort since it takes O(nlogn) processing time over O(n2) for insertion sort.

So if you are too concerned about performance of your sort function or if your web application needs to perform sorting on large data sets then this is the sorting that you should definitely use, Since directly using javascript’s array.sort() will implement merge-sort subroutine. Even though both merge-sort and quicksort consume the same time i.e their time is O(nlogn) but merge-sort creates new sub arrays and this will consume more memory. And since javascript runs in a single thread and if your dataset is really really huge, the tab/window may hang for some while or may end up dead.

Here is a Gist of the implementation. https://gist.github.com/vaibhavtolia/6747303