Why I didn’t dropped out

Ok so, first of all why at all a thought of dropping out of college? Why Do I or why I did thought about ditching the degree of which millions aspire every year and is awarded to select few. This degree which holds lots of value and anywhere I go with this degree, I would have a more than decent level of respect and admiration for. I’m doing my undergraduation in Civil Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay – Ranked no 1 in India and ~30 in World.

Well this all is one of the reason, leaving all these pride factors and convincing the stereotypical society is not easy. This is not a huge reason, if I’m asked to give weight to this reason I would say 1/100. I really don’t care about the stereotypes that exists in this society.

I don’t like Civil Engineering and after studying it for 3 years I have “NO Idea” what it is like to be a civil engineer. This kills me. I’m wasting this very precious time of my young life where I can build companies, generate employment and add a lot of value to the society instead of drawing BMDs. I love doing startups, thats what I’m made for and I’m good at it. So why not ditch it and do what I love full time. Anyways I code almost all the time of day and night.

But there is more to it. This university has provided so much, I have learned a lot of things from the people who live here and have lived here. And I believe undergraduation is not a process of becoming engineers, its more about unfolding the characters of your personality, figuring out who you want to be and how you are going to achieve it. The person you are and the ideology you follow and person you will shape up to be, its governed a lot by how you spend these four years of undergraduation. Each week I spend here, more I learn about myself and I don’t want to end this shaping up process before it is likely to be. Its a long self realizing journey, it depends on how much I can make out of it.

You make friends for life at this very beautiful place. I don’t want to leave them as of now unless our lives unfolds in a way ( which might happen after we graduate). But moving on is what life is all about, change is something that is permanent rest all is temporary, Still the rational side of my brain is not able to convince me to bail on my friends.

But the biggest reason I don’t want to drop out is I don’t feel ready for it – I just don’t feel I have “to” at this point of time. I have been asked regularly by people of all class – People with 20 years of industry experience, B-school professors, startup CEOs. (Any ways your degree is going to be of no worth to you) . It is of worth to me. Long time after I graduate it will remind me of days when I struggled, juggled between 12 hours of work accompanied with mid-terms and assignments, non stop coding sessions on nightouts and still attending that class with compulsory attendance. The time that made me who I’m now and who I’ll be in future. Learning to manage work and prioritising things. Trying to accommodate work, play, friends and family, failing at times to make it up to all, learning from mistakes and trying no to repeat them. It is what this great place has to offer me and to all the people who live here. Learning my strengths and pushing my limits in all spheres of life.

I will be working at a great organisation, no matter what; but not at the cost of ‘not being able to understand my greatest potential’ and ¬†complement it with ‘greater set of skills’. Life ¬†will be a learning process, It has to be. It will change in its forms from university to real job but it will be an enlightening journey.
Cheers to “Being Hungry and Being Foolish“.