My name is Vaibhav Tolia, I’m an IIT Bombay undergraduate into 4th year now. Last three years have been really amazing and I’m in love with the place we call “insti”1. I learned lots of stuff, most of it related to web-dev. Yeah, you got it right, I’m a web developer/designer, working with startups, doing startups, learning from startups; In a way live and breathe startups. It has been quite a time I have been experimenting with the browser(s) world (If you are a developer you might know how cross-compatible that world is 😛 ) for some time now. And after 2 years of playing with desktop browsers, now I’m to a more complex world of mobile browsers and platforms. So many platforms – more versions – more hardware & technology – even more browsers and APIs – some supported some not2.

So this is me, yet another developer with same browsers issues to settle. But with exceptional skills and qualities. Someone told me – “You are an exceptional guy and you can to anything and everything”, since then I haven’t let those words down.

Cliff notes –
1. IIT Bombay has been a fabulous community, everyone so passionate and so perseverant — always trying to do something which is totally insane in a better way. I have been fairly lucky to live among such people – the most talented people of the country, the best friends ever possible, the most helpful seniors ever.

2. With software freedom comes responsibility; But, maybe some companies do not understand the responsibilty and release high tech software with a low grade hardware result – under-performance and compromises. Check out my blog post on same.


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