Startups : Business people are overrated.

This might seem completely out of line but I have observed series of events in the Indian Start-up ecosystem which has led me to believe that the business people are overrated. Yes, good business skills are a must if you are looking to scale a venture, for that you need people who are business minded. But if the product is not of premium quality it is very hard for any guy to scale it infinitely. Now if we look at some of the awesome products out there and see the faces that are associated – almost all business people.

Now this might seem totally right, the business people are the ones who go out and sell!!, while the techies stay home and try to reduce the efforts these people have to made. But this causes a paradigm shift – Good people in Tech try to shift to do business. Unlike the valley where the tech guys control and run the company, we here in India tend to find people who can sell, give them quite majority stake; instead of focusing on making something out of the league. This has to change people who developed the technology should be given the credit and appreciation instead of business guys. Now we do have some platforms which do help recognize such innovative geniuses but they under perform. Required is recognition and restoration of faith in technology in Indian context (Instagram deal may inspire few but a lot of them realize it happened in valley)

Another consequence of this is that a lot of non-techy people come out and start building companies which are not backed by strong products. If we look back in the past, it is clearly evident that it has been some breakthrough technology that backed the rise of a great company – be it Apple, Google, Facebook or be it Salesforce, Tesla or Nest. Now if we don’t learn from the past, we clearly lack good people in business. These poorly built products flood the market and because of which users suffer (in turn it affects the ecosystem too, investors doubt more when there have been failure(s) in the past). Take the example of the multitude of e-commerce sites in India (last count I got was 120+), very few of them did bring some innovation or built a user focused product. Lenskart is a good example – it is using the technology to *really* make buying lenses and spectacles peaceful.

Technology is going to be the fuel to make awesome companies. The sooner people realize it and start utilizing technology to make some amazing products, sooner we will have companies like Apple and Tesla.