Hello World!!

Ok, the same insane stereotypical title – but c’mon as a developer for every beginning there is a “Hello World”. How can I not do justice with the most simple title ever. I have been thinking about to start to blog since long but always came up with lot of excuses, lack of time, where to start on the top of list.

So what causes the change of mind all of sudden and I start this very task to pen down remarkable life learnings (mostly hacks to make your website work 😉 ). Well most of the time my problems have been solved by landing on some great (wo)men(s) blog. The internet is vast and so are the problems while making it better for the people to use. Now is the time of mobile web, people are addicted to their smartphones, some are even married to and few sleep with them. There are infinite number of devices, lot of screen sizes and resolutions, JS/CSS interpreters etc. Many developers have made lot of contribution to make desktop web easy to build and they continue their efforts for mobile web too, we all share gratitude for them. But still, the number of resources for mobile web are scarce, so its very important that we share our learnings out there and make mobile web experience better!!

So in a way via this blog I would keep posting about the new hacks I discover – keep posted.